Boom Beach

Boom Beach

I used to be a huge fan of Clash of Clans from SuperCell. It’s one of the first mobile games that got me to part ways with some of my cold, hard cash. I played incessantly for weeks but eventually got tired of the game. It was with mixed emotions that I waited for the release of SuperCell’s new game, Boom Beach. This game is similar to Clash of Clans, but has a World War II theme where you fight to control as many islands as you can. There’s a single-player quest line involving some evil guys known as the Blackguard, but the real action, just like in Clash of Clans, are the player to player battles as you find for supremacy in a very crowded archipelago.

I immediately brushed up on some Boom Beach secrets and strategy guides to get an understanding of the different troops, resources, and ways to battle in the game. I didn’t take that approach with Clash of Clans, and I regretted it because I wasted a lot of time in the early levels doing exactly the wrong things. Here’s a little bit of what I learned.


First of all, there are several different troops in Boom Beach, and while there are some parallels to Clash of Clans, the Boom Beach troops have their own individual strengths, weaknesses and minor quirks. You’ll start of the game with the Rifleman unit, and then quickly get access to the Heavy and the Zooka. Later in the game, you’ll get to play with the Warrior, the Medic, and the Tank.


There’s a lot of strategy in Boom Beach, due to the different troops and the island defenses they face. For example, the Rifleman unit works great in groups as they tear through most defenses. But they’re weak versus machine guns and flamethrowers. So you need to pair them with Heavy troops, who act as a shield of sorts to absorb the damage while the Riflemen do their work. Likewise, the Zookas do incredible damage but are glass cannons. Even the smallest of defenses can take them out quickly. Fortunately, you can attack with Zookas at long range.

I’m still learning the ins and outs of Boom Beach, but it’s a lot of fun so far!


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