Learned many words and felt deep after watching the Book Thief (Spoiler Alert!)

It’s started with a voice of a male narrator and an image from the skydown to the train. He’s saying that one thing is true – we’ll all die. Is this a Horror movie? I knew that the narrator must be the “death”, because when he said “she caught me” it was when the girl (Liesel) caught her brother bleeding and was dead.

The scene was old style and it looks like it was part of the history. Then I was right, it was the time when Hitler was still in power and war is all over the world. Fair enough that “death” was active in that time. lol. Liesel is the main character. She also has a German name, but I don’t know the spelling of her German name, we’ll stick with Liesel. She’s very pretty, portrayed by Sophie Nelisse, I really love her hair and her face.

Liesel and her brother were on a trip to their foster family because of the War. But her brother died in the trip and so Liesel was left alone to meet her new family. Her foster mama is Rosa who is like a thunderstorm but has a very big heart. Her papa is Hans who plays accordion and has a very jolly personality. He calls Liesel “Your Majesty” They are poor and had not enough food. Then a jew, named Max is a fugitive who came to their house for help.

It seems like those were the times that government is not allowing people to read and write books that was why Liesel was a Book Thief because when she learned how to read books, she loved it and later on stole books just to read.

It was an act of braveness to read a book.

Max was just like Liesel, he loves reading and gave Liesel his own book which he painted so that Liesel can write her own book.

When Liesel wrote her book and fell sleep on the basement. It was the time when the narrator came back again and said that he went to Rudy’s house, kiss his mom, heard Rosa’s snore and heard Hans last thought “Liesel”. Then by morning, everything was a disaster and Liesel was the only one alive. Everyone that the narrator said were dead and because Liesel was left on the basement, she was alive.

OK. I wasn’t really that good at story telling. But I hope you watch the movie.

I’m just curious did Max and Liesel got married?

By the way, Max is older than Liesel, maybe that’s the reason why death said that they were almost died at the same time.

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